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KingBullGod Head Admin posted Jul 11, 15

If you enjoy your time on our server, please consider leaving a donation. By doing so you are making sure that the server is always funded and ran by quality hardware. By donating you also help our community expand by adding new servers, custom mods and server-wide events.

If you donate 10 EUR or more, you'll be added to our whitelist for 30 days. This means that your account will never be rejected from joining the server due to "full server" during your 30 day period.


Does whitelisting mean that the server get's locked or otherwise restricted?
- No. Nothing changes if you decide not to donate. The server will always be public and unlocked.

What happens if many people pay for whitelisting? Will a high number of donors mean that I'll eventually be forced to get whitelisted as well?
- No. Being whitelisted only allows you to connect to the server if the server is already full.

For example, if the server has 100/100 players, being whitelisted would let you join anyway (increasing player count to 101/100). A non-whitelisted player would have to wait for the server to have 99 players online or less, in order to join. So regardless of how many players are whitelisted, there is always 100 "public" slots.

How much does Dedicated Rejects pay for the servers?
- We are currently hosting 2 servers. This is what we pay for each server:

  • Main Server ( 90 EUR / month
  • "Apako Islands" Server ( 63 EUR / month

(we're also paying for a few advertisements on different websites, but those costs are exempt from this list)

What happens if the server gets wiped? Do I get my money back?
- We are not planning to do any wipe for the foreseeable future. Should we ever decide to wipe the server, we'll warn players far in advance. However, we cannot control any possible enforced wipes coming with patches. As such, any wipes/resets followed by an uncontrolled incident will not be refundable.

What’s the policy on refunds?
- Donations should be given as a gift, without consideration. Any perks we may grant you in-game are simply a way for us to thank you for your generous support. As such, refunds will only be given on our discretion.

Do I get extra perks if I donate more than 10 EUR?
- We currently don’t have any other perks to offer, however you will be granted an extra 30 days of whitelisting for every 10 EUR you donate (e.g a 20 EUR donation would grant you 60 days).

Can I donate in another currency than EUR?
- We pay our servers in EUR and as such it is more convenient for us if we receive donations in the same currency. If you donate in another currency, it will be your responsibility to carry out any currency conversions.

My question wasn’t answered, who should I contact?
- You can either ask us in-game or join our teamspeak server on

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