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Back To The Good Old Times

sparky2422 a posted Wed at 0:00

As you all may know we have been through alot of changes in the past few weeks so here is an update to make things clear.


Kavala is now the main city.

Bad Lands will stay with rebels protecting it, you can still shoot without warning inside the area if you dare.

Base Building prices will go down and guns, clothes and accessories will go in the correct shop and we will make sure all are accessible. 

Ifrits and Hunters will come back for those who can afford them.

Cops have to negotiate at the bank for role-play.

No money given for low ranking cops but deals can still be struck.

Main rules Still Apply NO RDM, VDM, and remember role-play at all times.

Drugs are now done buy buying the equipment and placing them where ever you like on the map don’t forget to pack them up.

Have Fun and if you have any questions ask me Sparky.


Thanks for reading and have fun.

Hung-Like-Squirrel Donator When will the armoured vehicles be bacK?
Matt [ARD] Donator How much are ifrits?
Murd0c SuperDonator when's the Heroin price going up?

Modded Server Shutdown

Lictor a posted Tue at 11:46

We are sorry that we have to inform you, that we shut down the modded server. Since too many players were having problems with setting up the mods, we only had around 20 players on each of the servers, which is just to few to play properly. We don't want to split up the community.

After a discussion with the staff members and many community members we decided to stop the mod project for now and continue improving the vanilla server. We will be bringing in more stuff to buy, reduce the object prices of base building and continue improving the already existing features to bring back the Altis Life experience you all liked to enjoy.

Maybe in the future we might come back to the mod project when our player numbers have increased again and we feel we are ready for a modded server.

We hope you can understand this decision.

Your Admins

Matt [ARD] Donator I think when we revisit mods we need someone with program making knowledge to make us a launcher (like a3l) for a instal ...
Quincy It is better now that it is gone, but i really liked TFR it was really fun to communicate with othere players this way.
Martinez Rojoman SuperDonatoro I lost a bus :(

Since many players were having problems with PlayWithSix, we decided to remove the repository. We updated the ArmA3Sync repository to fix the issue with the missing keys.

If you update your mods via ArmA3Sync you should be able to join the server without any problems.

We also removed the Enhanced Movement Mod (@em) and the BMW Mod (@BMW) since they were causing problems. Please disable those two mods before joining the server.

Thanks for your support!

SP_S6 SuperDonator This is an excellent decision, ArmA3Sync seems to be so much simpler than PWS and a hell of a lot more user friendly.
DUFFY Donator EM was awesome, if anything remove our old jump and keep that, it made climbing walls a lot more realistic. It was buggy ...
Deancwb SuperDonator As we discussed anyway, the only thing enhanced movement done was add an climb function to the normal jump. Pointless e ...
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