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Patch 0.1.1

Tom Thorsen aFounderpoliceo posted Thu at 10:00

Patch 0.1.1 is out, so this means you will have to update your Arma3Sync repository!
You can read the patchnotes for it here. Creds to Alberto!

Applications to become whitelisted civilians are coming in at a steady pace, so playercounts will be increasing every day. It's been great this far, and I'm sure it will just keep getting better. I know this is a big change for old BWG players, but you are all doing great!

Also, once the playercount is high enough, we will start organizing events on a steady basis, with rewards ranging from unique equipment, cars and let's not forget money :)

Thats it for this time folks, see you ingame!

<3 Your staff!

Tom Thorsen aFounderpoliceo There is a link to the changelog in the post ...
Vincent Fossum DonatorCiv Keep the good work going! Been loving it so far. May I ask what the small change was? ...

Relentl3ss Gaming Lakeside Server

Dean Barclay aFounderpoliceCivo posted Tue at 14:44

Ladies and Gents, everyone at Relentl3ss Gaming is extremely happy to announce that our server is LIVE!


Below are the links you will need to download Arma3Sync and the custom repo we have set up to play on the server.

We hope everything is clear enough to set up and if not, all of the support staff will be on hand to get anything sorted for you.

Once again thank you all for your patience during the last couple of weeks/months and we hope you enjoy it and continue to play till your hearts content!

Arma3Sync Download

Arma3Sync AutoConfig:

Arnolds Arma3Sync Tutorial

Austins Video Tutorial

Your Staff <3

Gary Hungary My only problem with this is the autoconfig folder is not seperated, not other repo. We with my friends using the Sync ...
Greebo aAdminSuperDonatorCiv The repo is working again, Try and get the mod downloaded before the server goes li ...
Cameron Conway [PR] SupportpoliceDonatorCiv Really looking forward to playing!

New Domains

Lictor aFounderHead DevCiv posted Mon at 12:53

Please note our new URLs:





Your Admins

Chunky. yaaaaaay:)
Tayo Rulo Civ i can not wait to play ...
Lictor aFounderHead DevCiv No, but at release you will be able to connect to the server using this domain.
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