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Please spare a moment!

Tom Thorsen aFounderpolice posted Mon at 21:47

Please spare a moment and vote for our Reign of Kings server!

You can vote once every 24 hours!

Please feel free to join us ingame! Want to challenge the throne?
Maybe create your own private army?

See you ingame!

Relentl3ss Gaming Reign of Kings RP SERVER!

Tom Thorsen aFounderpolice posted Sun at 21:22

We are happy to announce the opening of our own Reign of Kings RP SERVER!

Servername is; Relentl3ss Gaming RP/PVP
Server IP is;

We enforce most of the same RP rules as on arma, with some obvious additions/changes. Rules can be found here!

The game is still under developement, but it is truly amazing! Right now we only have one 32 slot server, but if the need is there, we will expand! Any questions, suggestions can be placed here! :)

Jim White Civ Can you make gta 5 servers? As for ROK - It's mediocre, its great for a week or so of hype, but then you realise how li ...
Bruce Willis SuperDonatorCivo Nice! Will definitely try out when I get back home. GTA 5 harcore RP mod server should be the next project. In my opinio ...
Voyager Oscar Civ reviews have been good .. got it and will jump on server

In Order German Joe, Sparky, Babs 'Relentl3ss Mum', Jim Relentl3ss Dad, Dean, Hittor, Zaplin

!Michael Knight policeDonatorCiv Gongratz SPARKY, UR a Happy man now.
Petras Turbo SupportDonatorCiv Oh man, you are a beautiful couple. Best wishes from Turbo!
Elvis Spencer Head supportpoliceSuperDonatorCiv Congratz
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